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Go Green with Rhythm!

We offer Rockin’ Reuse Percussion options for all of our drumming events. Check out how your school program, camp, party or festival can include an educational creative reuse experience. We use resonant, recyclable plastic or metal to make fun drums, shakers or any musical instrument imaginable. Even our colorful decorations are reuse materials.

We thank Kroger in Southwest Durham and Trader Joe’s of Chapel Hill, NC for donating their scads of cut flower buckets for drums and RTP Signs and Graphics of Durham, NC for donating our colorful, peel and stick materials. Also, thanks to all our private donors who just love to see their recycling and colorful discards put to a creative use. And, we always thank Durham’s famous  Scrap Exchange for offering an abundant supply for our reuse shopping needs.


How are we a “green” business?

As a small business providing rhythm-based events in the community, we work to support a more sustainable environment. Here’s what we are currently doing to cut down on waste and conserve CO2 emissions:

  • We purchase NC GreenPower units from Duke Energy, which supports the development of renewable and alternative energy such as wind, solar, hydro and geothermal technologies.
  • At all our on-site events, we practice the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. By practicing the 3 R’s, we conserve energy and natural resources, reduce emissions, and help save valuable landfill space. Landfills produce methane gas which is a greenhouse gas.
  • We offer re-use materials for our Rhythm Instrument Making: like re-used plastic bottles, cans, also creative re-use materials from The Scrap Exchange.
  • We travel wisely, driving a gasoline efficient mini van.
  • We encourage our on-site event participants to car pool.
  • We built our business just 1.5 miles from our home. We can bike, and even walk, to work. . . and driving takes 3 minutes and a tiny bit of gas. Moving our business near our home has radically enhanced our quality of life. We recommend it!

Here’s a few cool links to see what you can do to create a healthier planet!