Birthday Parties

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Birthday parties for ages 3 & up! 1, 2, LET’S ALL PLAY! Hands-on drumming fun!

3 Choices for Musical Birthday Parties

  • just Rhythm Fun, or
  • just PUPPETS!, or
  • a creative Combination of Both

Celebrate musical birthday parties in our spacious Community Event Room or at your own site.

Cathy Kielar & Sue-Anne Solem & Paola Kipp facilitate interactive drumming, singing, shaking and smiling

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90 minute parties include:

60 minutes of:

  • Instrument making – As the guests arrive, we create make-n-take shakers from clean, reusable materials…fun way to learn about creative re-use. Each child has a fun birthday party favor to take home (first 10 minutes or so.)
  • Drumming with rhythm games – Children learn how to play bass, tone and rumble on hand drums. We use mostly West African drums like, Djembes and Ashikos and Dun Duns. While learning fun rhythm games, each child gets to lead the group. Parents are encouraged to participate.
  • Stories with drumming & hand percussion – American Folk, Chinese or African stories that include drumming and a wide variety of hand percussion.
  • Harriet the Hare for the younger set – a cute, fun, ventriloquist puppet! Older kids and adults like Harriet, too. They especially like her two carrot necklace – Every girl’s dream. For children ages 8 and up, we learn drumming and hand percussion games and interlocking rhythms. This is a fun and interactive family event! Everybody gets to drum!

30 minutes
Parent- provided party food enjoyment and present opening. If parents are serving more than cake/ice cream- pizza, a meal, perhaps extra time will be needed.

Party Fees

Onsite 1.5 hour parties start at $185 for up to 12 children. $5/each over 12 guests. If you want more time for food enjoyment or present opening, we will ask you to book an extra 30 minutes, and that will add $30 to your fee. We can discuss this option when parents book the party.

Our space can accommodate up to 15 children and their parents.  If you want want a large party  – totaling more than 30 folks – our space will not work for you. We offer only onsite parties at this time.

We accept payments in cash or check only.

We do not have set times for parties, so book early and pick your time! Yes, we do parties on Sundays.

Deposit of $25 needs to be paid by check written to Music Explorium to reserve your party date and time. Please mail it to: Music Explorium, 5314 Hwy 55, Ste 107, Durham NC 27713. Deposit will only be refunded if cancelled no less than 2 weeks before the party date.

Register online using the Event Registration Form or call Cathy’s cell phone at 919-219-2371, to inquire about and schedule your party.

Here is a Party Invitation for you to use.

Our 462 sf event room has a private entrance with a kitchen and bathroom. We set up tables for your presents and party food. We even decorate a bit for the party. Parents can add more decorations, if they like.

The bright-green back door entrance is the best way to enter the space. Just come around the left corner of the building and look for a sign on the door: Music Explorium Event Room.

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